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What are you passionate about? This is a big question, one that you may need to think over before you can come up with an answer. Perhaps a better version of the question is this one: what makes you feel alive? Whatever it is that you love to do and whatever it is that enables you to forget about all the minor worries of your life, that is what you should seek out with your entire being. Do it as much as you can, and let that part of yourself shine for the whole world to see. Never hide it! At GiO (1998), we support people and all their passions. We celebrate you and the talents and loves that make you who you are as a person.

Design, adventure, sports, motor, athleticism, entertainment… these are all passions that we feature in our collections. Comprised of more than 150 products, our six collections connect you to your true, inner self and reflect the version of you that is most at one with the world.

Try this third version of the same question: when do you feel connected to your instincts? Is it when you’re dancing? When you’re behind the wheel? When you’re out on the field? Seeking something new? In that answer, you will find yourself, and once you do, you will find that we have created something under the GiO (1998) brand that is just for you.

We launched GiO (1998)'s online shop in february 2018, but our brand was created way back in 2012, with the launch of our first Youtube channel. Since then, we have been improving our video and image editing skills, uploading more than 500 videos alongside 5 different channels and also working with photoshop designs. After 6 years, we decided that we were prepared enough to face the challenge that an online clothing shop brings. Our actual Youtube channel. The 1998 stands for this brand's creator year of birth.

Our main focus is to create a versatile brand with 6 ambits that we dominate in order to give our clients the option to choose their style:

  • 1. GiO: The main brand logos and presentation.  
  • 2. WiLDLIFE: Everything related to the wildlife, animals, the earth, nature, adventures…  
  • 3. Keep Ballin’: Is the subbrand related to ball sports and also a way of life, which is, keep doing what you enjoy and makes you happy (obviously as long as it doesn’t hurt other people).  
  • 4. Keep Spinnin’: Is the subbrand related to the motor world (also with skateboarding).  
  • 5. Explode: Is the subbrand related to the athletic world. With the message of doing your best as long as you can and keep improving yourself.  
  • 6. Are You Not Entertained?: All related to the entertainment world, music, series, cinema, shows…

All of these are some of our passions and hobbies, and it was the main reason to create this, we wanted make a brand for the people with those passions, and to give them the oportunity to express it with their style.


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