What is Shopify?

Shopify is a CMS (Content Management System) for eCommerce that allows you to design your online store to your liking without having to have programming knowledge, so simple. You can make your own online store in a few minutes with total ease. The interface it presents is very flexible and the process of building the store is very intuitive and efficient without wasting time in navigation. This is a CMS that will make your management tasks easier from the beginning.


Shopify E-commerce Interface


All you need to do is access their website and add an email to start creating your online store. Then fill in all the data you request (this step is very simple), choose a payment plan and finally a template that you will use. It has more than 100 so you will have a lot to choose from. Both free and paid and also ordered by business sectors (fashion, art, technology, etc.).

If you also have some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, you will have the option to customize the design of the template you choose, but this is the next level.


Shopify Prices

Shopify E-commerce Prices

For young businesses, the basic Shopify price of $29 is more than enough, and you can upgrade it when your store starts growing.


Pro's & Cons of Shopify

Shopify stands out as one of the top E-commerce sites of the world with more than 1 million stores already using it. Here are its best and worst points to take into account.

 + Easy store creation interface and possibility to upgrade it.

+14 Day Free Trial to get started and decide if it fits your needs.

+ Hosting included.

+ Great customer service.

+ Shoify Academy, free courses to learn the e-commerce platform.

+ Built-in customer statistics.

+ Easy, fast and secure payment capture methods.

+ Integration with most of the Dropshipping sites.

+ Unlimited product creations with any plan.

+ Lots of tools for improving marketing, SEO, Speed Page...

- Checkout customization options are limited.

- Shopify doesn't have an open code.

- It has a monthly cost.


Shopify Online Stores

Some of the most important E-commerce businesses of the world such as Cettire, Fashion Nova or Colourpop use Shopify. Here you have a list of the 50 best store examples to know what you are capable of doing with Shopify. You can also take a look at our store, which is also created with this E-commerce.


Final Review

With all that being said, we reviewed the 5 most important E-commerce features from Shopify to deliver its final rating. 

Shopify E-commerce rating


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